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June 2004



 Jun 22, 2004 - 1:07 pm

Title: Dark Elves

In my ongoing effort to improve my game I have joined the Dark Elves server.

Right off the bat - I drained my turns making a nice little SG cluster that I am less than proud of.  The SG gods just weren't with me.  Out of 6 level 2 and 12 level 3 SG's I have ONE blue sector and ONE green sector. Whee.  =(

These are the types of things that I need to learn.  Does one just give up on this SG and move on now?  Or does one continue building in this SG knowing full well that he/she will have to move the lair later on to something more secure?  Or do you stop pouring money into it but allow for a modest credit boost and move on?

I do know that this setup won't last once people start getting attack based ships in the high 20's.  The question is when do I move?


Thanks goes out to Tempest for picking up a fairly green teammate.  I have played on the AAT Main server before with another alias but I was extremely ineffective as it was my first time in AAT after playing BNT for a year or so. Since then I played on smaller servers with traditional settings to get a feel for the game.

My #1 concern is not screwing up the game for my teammates.  

While my #2 goal is to learn what I can about stealth, concealment, building, and when to make the jump from credit farming to another game play style.  

My #3 goal is to become an asset to the team and be allowed to join his team in a team tournament.  I know that good players like to be surround themselves with familiar players and hopefully I can become that if not for this next team tournament (Late July) or the next one.

Finally, my #4 goal is attempt to setup a special area for Macro Banking so as to continue to test and tweak my ideas for what I believe is a gameplay style that will accel in the AAT version to come.

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