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 Sep 20, 2004 - 8:51 am

Title: 5 Admin No-No's

Top 5 AAT Administrator "No-No's"

Nothing irks me more than the following things done by an admin when I am playing in AAT.

1) Don't change the settings after the game is in progress

This by far is the most irritating thing I have seen admins do. Things I have seen admins do after a game is already in progress have been as simple as changing the prices at a port, to something as large as turning off Nova backfires.  

There is nothing worse than believing the rule set is established and creating a strategy around that rule set only to find out that on a whim some admin increases credit production, turns off EWD functionality, or raises the IGB cap to infinity.

Changing the rules in the middle of a game just is not right.

2) Changing the rules and not telling the players about it

Coming in a close second is another source of admin irritation for me.  It really burns me up when an admin makes a change to the game and then doesn't tell anyone about it.  Mid-Game changes themselves should sparingly (if ever) be done. But the admin should ALWAYS announce those changes IN THE GAME.

Admins should not assume that people read (or care to comment) on their bulletin boards. All game changes should be placed as HTML bullets on the login screen AND announced in chat.

3) Using the Fed ships as scouting devices

Admins have every right to play the game that they are hosting. However, they really need to do such a thing in a fair fashion.  

Just recently I was playing in a game where every real space sector I owned (indie take overs) was visited by the Federation ship.  Usually you will only see the federation ship once or twice in an entire game, so I thought that it was a little odd.  Well low and behold, the next day the team that the admin was part of attacked nearly all of those sectors.

It's almost "head-shakenly" humorous that the admin doesn't think I noticed.

4) Registering Federation ship as a team

C'mon. What is the point of signing in with the Fed, making him his own team, then running around Fed space making planets?  It's not like this is a test server.  It is one of the top 10 most active AAT servers.  

So now no team can win because some silly admin registered the Fed ship as a team with 1.6 Gigajillion points.

5) Don't change the settings after the game is in progress

Deja Vu?  I think not. This is such an important bullet, that it should be mentioned twice. Even the smallest of changes can have large ramifications and may cause a substantial power shift in the game.

I understand that it is "your server" and that you can do what you want. But, as a player I just invested a whole bunch of time in playing a game where I expect a rule set to remain STATIC.

As a player I am less likely to return to your server to play again if I don't like the way that they game was handled from the admins end of things.  If enough players start to feel the way that I do about these situations then soon, your player base will dwindle and no one will visit your server.

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