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September 2004



 Sep 1, 2004 - 3:33 pm

Title: The lists & AAT .25 and beyond

The lists
Aw!  I appreciate the mentions in the lists that are being created by various players; Bovine and Big come to mind.

I never made a post thanking my teammates from the last tourney but I was really impressed with some of the new people and how quickly they learned.  I was also happy with my more "senior" teammates as they continued to divulge "best practice" information and engage daily in information exchanges.  I would play with any of them again in a heartbeat.

Future of AAT
I just wanted to drop a thought about AAT .25 and beyond.  I think that the path PJ is going on looks promising.  It really will change the face of the game if we have higher level planets and researchable Nova's.  

The attacker slant that is currently in place will really be toned down and force people to become a little more thoughtful in planning.  If you can't just buy 50 nova's at a devices port during an SG raid but rather you have to "grow" them on your research planets, a new depth of planning emerge from the game.

The proposed future changes will also allow for specialized team play.  Especially the alien races part where some races get builder bonuses and other races get attacker bonues or defensive bonuses.   This will be a HUGE step forward to diversifying tourney play as you may have some one do nothing but build planets and "grow" research items for the "team", while someone else who gets a sector defense bonus fortifies, etc...

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