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September 2004



 Sep 8, 2004 - 5:18 pm

Title: I agree with Tempest

I agree with Tempest.  The next version of AAT should be introduced to public play via a Tourney.


Tempest said here:

I have a proposition for the next version of the game.. I think that the first game using the new code should be played in a two week tourney before the code is made public, so that everyone has to learn all at the same time about it. It would make things more interesting, as people who run their own server to try / test things, or people who look at the code to figure out how things work would be in the same boat as everyone else.

Even Tarnus agrees with Tempest due to the fact that he said the best tourney he ever played in was one where everyone was on the same footing due to the newness of the game.


Tarnus said here:
The best tourney I played in was the first one by far, the majority of players were fairly new players.  I have never seen a team of players come together and work in a very coherent way as I did in that tourney.

Welp! No better way to take a pool of experience players and have them on nearly the same footing as some newer players than to make sure the new version of AAT is firstly played in a tourney setting.

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