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August 2004



 Aug 19, 2004 - 2:18 pm

Title: Tourney News #4 - Builders Gone Wild

Tourney News

Team Scores

Darigaaz Dragons Darigaaz   42,978,499
Blue Rabbit's Band CSimplex   36,683,724
Dogs of War   Satman   33,680,529
Alf's Angels   Alf   18,106,360

Individual Scores Top 10

1 10,819,620   Diablo   Darigaaz Dragons
2 10,734,436   Satman   Dogs of War
3 9,603,809   Tempest   Blue Rabbit's Band
4 8,237,643   Moonraker   Dogs of War
5 8,134,835   Smalls Blue Rabbit's Band
6 7,964,748   Kwae Zar   Blue Rabbit's Band
7 7,894,852   Lucy Darigaaz Dragons
8 7,807,655   Thunderball   Darigaaz Dragons
9 7,381,543   Count_dooku   Darigaaz Dragons
10 6,848,611   CSimplex Blue Rabbit's Band


Builders Gone Wild

Thwarted from our building early on in the game (thanks Big!) the Blue Rabbits were forced to get rabid. The Rabid Rabbits have the most Kills and Captures in the game.  Our blind lust and equal opportunity killing has contributed to this tourney being one of the closest team matches in recent memory.

The Rabid Rabbits will work hard to ensure that the quality of destruction continues right up until the final gun is sounded.

The Donald story correction

The Donald sent me a PM asking for a correction concerning his death.  Turns out I had hit some mines that he planted which alerted him to my location.  He was not following spy data.  Thanks for the correction The Donald.

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