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August 2004



 Aug 12, 2004 - 11:11 am

Title: tourney update #2

Tourney News

Team Scores

Blue Rabbit's Band  CSimplex (CPT)    11,765,047
Dogs of War         The Donald (CPT) 11,066,235
Darigaaz Dragons    Darigaaz (CPT)   7,403,841
Alf's Angels        Alf  (CPT)       5,072,025

Individual Scores Top 10

1 3,648,195   Smalls      Blue Rabbit's Band
2 3,397,402   Satman      Dogs of War
3 2,988,561   Tempest     Blue Rabbit's Band
4 2,833,769   Moonraker   Dogs of War
5 1,818,593   Kwae Zar    Blue Rabbit's Band
6 1,707,631   Thunderball Darigaaz Dragons
7 1,479,373   Diablo      Darigaaz Dragons
8 1,283,513   ZZ Top      Darigaaz Dragons
9 1,259,689   Uncas       Alf's Angels
10 1,095,041  The Donald  Dogs of War


My team retains the top spot again as we overcame a few Big attacks which reduced our score.  Our builders did a great job of raising the score back up overnight and we ended back up in a small lead.  

I have a feeling that the sparks are really going to fly this weekend.

I had a fun attack run with Bovine.  He wanted a Nova guy while he watched our backs.  Bovine and I tore through 4 or 5 sectors with ease.  Tempest then jumps on the server and joins in the fun.   The very last sector we had on our hit-list was ZZTOP (Big).

I throw down a few Nova's and Tempest and Bovine bust into the sector.  Not wanting to be left out of the fun, I jump in my Razor which was configured for laying SD which will later bite me.  Bovine grabbed the first planet in the sector and Tempest called for dibs on the second planet.  So that left me the third planet.  Without scanning multiple times, I laid into the planet.  Boom.  I am dead (my shields were only like 15!).   Bovine then scans the planet and sees Big sitting on it in his Voyager.  Bovine unleashes a Nova and hits the planet.  Big's ship is floating in space, and Tempest comes in and finishes the job.

There isn't a server that I have played on yet where I haven't done something stupid while attacking!  

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