Kwae Zar

State: Washington
Country: United States
Sex: Male
Age: 46

Today's Date Jan 27, 2020 - 10:23 pm

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August 2004



 Aug 10, 2004 - 12:53 pm

Title: Tourney Update #1

Tourney News

Team Scores

Blue Rabbit's Band CSimplex (CPT) 6,306,234
Dogs of War The Donald (CPT) 5,134,468  
Darigaaz Dragons Darigaaz  (CPT) 4,742,456
Alf's Angels Alf (CPT) 3,226,766

Team BRB took the early lead and thus was the target for an early hit. We dropped in score to the #2 slot when one of our stronger members took the brunt of the attack. However, the team was well diversified and quickly bounced back with a scathing round of attacks of our own causing the opposing teams to drop in score as much as 25%.   Team BRB now holds a marginal lead of a 20% higher score than DOW who is in 2nd place.   Of course the game is in its early phases and things can (and do!) change quickly.

Individual Scores Top 10

1 2,146,941   Smalls Blue Rabbit's Band
2 1,737,548   Satman Dogs of War
3 1,612,150   ZZ Top   Darigaaz Dragons
4 1,191,951   Moonraker Dogs of War
5 1,138,661   Tempest Blue Rabbit's Band
6 1,045,701   DarkSoul Alf's Angels
7 1,012,043   Kwae Zar   Blue Rabbit's Band
8 998,689     Diablo   Darigaaz Dragons
9 686,176     Darigaaz   Darigaaz Dragons
10 650,228    Uncas Alf's Angels

7th place!  Not to bad for my 1st tourney. Personally - I was VERY reckless in the opening minutes burning tons of turns in an attempt to snowball my teammates.  I am just now recovering from those actions and accumulating enough turns to either expand my current burrow or create a new one.  As one of the teams builder/tenders - I feel that I should have a considerable amount of turns at the ready at any given time so as to recover quickly from possible attacks.

After an hour of parsing logs and figuring out funds - I figured out that 220B credits passed through my team planet.  Of which 94B was produced by my colonists and given to teammates.  Not too bad for a few days work!  I guess I could have paid the rumored 75B credit trade fee for Team BRB to get me.