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August 2004



 Aug 5, 2004 - 9:58 am

Title: Riddle Solved

A little riddle I always liked, wonder if anyone can solve it.
"The 8 of us go forth not back to protect our King from our foes attack."

Answer: Pawns on a chessboard


I am a little miffed about the decision to NOT discuss trades and initial team rosters openly.

I was really looking forward to seeing the transactions between captains and correlating that information to how the tourney turned out.  I liken the interest to monitoring ones favorite professional sport; the trades, transactions, contracts, etc...

A good portion of the success of a team is the building of the team and I merely wanted to see that drama unfold before my eyes.

Maybe next tourney I will volunteer to function as the draft reporter.

The "Big" list

I am honored that such a high caliber player would consider me good enough to be placed on his list of top players in any category.  Even more so I am honored to be on his list of dream team players.

It appears that Big put a good amount of thought into his list as he listed some very valid reason for picking the people that he did.  One reason that I never thought about before is Time Zone.  The ability to always have a team member in the game is invaluable.  

My role in the "Big Dream Team" would be as a SG builder, defender, and information gatherer.  I could easily provide a support role in other areas as the team needed it.

I am a little surprised that Tempest wasn't listed in my place.  He has considerable more experience to draw upon not to mention still being the premire builder in the game.  Plus, he converts well into other roles; attacker, tracker, etc...  

While I have been exposed to many a rouse, and tricky tactic, I personally feel vulnerable whenever I log into a game. Perhaps being alert to the fact that I am still not a highly experienced player will keep me alive. Maybe.

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