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July 2004



 Jul 31, 2004 - 11:49 pm

Title: You too can have a score of : negative 1,811,596

Kitty Matrix

I know. I know!  I said I was done playing.  But I just had to log in one last time. And of course upon checking my log I found some "bait" which would draw me out of my hole and into the game again.

Nambia had taken one of my Indie captures, picked up a spy, and then proceeded to visit EVERY ONE of his planets.  Of course this type of invitation can not go ignored - especially just 12 hours before the game reset.

So, I pulled my funds, invested in level 37 torps and phasers, upped my cloak level to 33 and went out on the war path.  Some 45 sectors, and 200+ planets later of successful raiding I ended up in a situation that proved deadly.

I took over the Real Space door and all of its planets, as I did in many earlier situations, I left the 1.5B fighters and then started working on the subsectors. Upon a visit back to the realspace sector - I got a battle message.  Of course I was SMOKED.

Odd, SD takes on the sensor level of the highest planet in the sector.  Since I left the planets I took over at their damaged levels the only thing I can assume is that the SD KEEPS the last sensor level that it had before the planets were taken over.

But things get even wierder.  My score dropped from 5th place to 30th!  I found myself with a score of -1,811,596!

I had the second most experience in the game (perhaps important in future versions of AAT) numerous captures, and planet builds and the HIGHEST good rating at over 150,000 - yet here I find myself at -1.8M

Nothing left to do but buy a new cargo ship without a pod and fly into a boat load of Sector Defense.

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