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 Aug 3, 2004 - 11:16 am

Title: Success = Skill + Time

Success = Skill + Time

If you have got no skills you don't get success, even if U got all time in the world.

Agreed.  You can spend all day long on AAT but if you don't know what you are doing chances are you are gonna end up as floating debris.

But if you got skills and not got all the time in the world you might be successfully.

I Disagree.  Skill and Time go hand in hand.   To get "Skill" you have to have had "Time" to develop it. Once you have "Skill" you have to have "Time" to utilize it.  Without "Time" to play the game "Skill" is worthless.

What Bovine, and thusly myself, are trying to say is that with all things being equal, or nearly so, in the Skill department, TIME spent in the game is the next greatest factor to determining success.  In many instances you can be lacking Skill and just spend more Time in the game and achieve the same results as someone who is highly Skilled and spends a mediocre amount of Time in the game.

AAT Autopage

AAT Autopager is a program that sits on a server, monitors the Rankings Page, and the FNN News and then reports back on desired variable changes and trigger events.  It sends an email to an email box, pager, or a cell phone service provider (as long as you have text messaging) that tells you about your trigger events.

I have had a moderate amount of feedback about the "legality" of such a program and I have yet to see any reason not to use this program.  The most interesting aspect about this WHO reacts HOW to this program.  

I am finding quite clearly that players who tend to spend a fair amount of time in the game DO NOT LIKE that others can monitor for activity.  I guess they  prefer to keep their attacking to when they are online by themselves.

On the flip side, players that don't spend as much time in game LOVE the idea of being able to walk away from the game and not have to worry about being caught offline to those players that spend day and night in the game.

But - I can't take all the credit for the idea behind AAT Autopage:

This shows where the idea came from plus the non-comment about the legality from the developers about the idea of a program that can monitor the game.  

All this summed up: First he is against that some players use more of the ressource available to all players...Time = UNFAIR, then he thinks it is fair that some scripting-programs should give him/his team a advantage. A ressource there is not available to all the players.

How much game play time a person can spend in the game isn't a resource that all players can draw upon equally.  My program helps even the playing field. Spending all day logged off but refreshing the rankings screen will now be an automated task.   Heck - if it works well I see no reason that it can't be either made public or included as an add-on to the AAT code.

As for a resource that is not available to all players, what about players that have alternate methods of logging into the internet from any location they desire via other technology methods such as Bluetooth PDA, or a Blackberry, or a 3rd generation Digital Cell Phone or a Wireless Phone Card for their laptops or even the ability to be in front of a screen all day long at work and/or at home.  How is that anymore "fair" than a program that watches the ranking page for you?
AAT Autopage is basically a great equilizer.  No more will aggressive players be able to log in at non-peak hours and run away with the game by executing devistating unchecked rampages.  Now the possibility that someone will be paged to the game will always exist, at anytime someone can jump on and catch that aggressive player "in the act".

AAT Autopage has a great potential of changing the game to make it much more player vs player instead of player vs non-intelligent static defenses.  It certainly would be a true test of "skills".

AAT Universe Autologger

AAT Universe Autologger was going to keep track of spy information, digi's, planets, indies, ports, upgrades, enemy sectors and more in a nice neat little database that would print out to an excel file for easy searching and reading.

However, this program will never see the light of day, as it essentially would be a script that gathered data about the universe while the player was in the game.  This quite clearly is something that I now believe to be contrary to the spirit of the game.   Thanks to all those who sent messages and chatted in room and "enlightened" me.

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