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August 2004



 Aug 17, 2004 - 6:14 pm

Title: Tourney Update #3 - Call me Captain Killer

Tourney News

Team Scores

Darigaaz Dragons    Darigaaz  37,392,531
Dogs of War         Satman    33,234,667
Blue Rabbit's Band  CSimplex  32,083,459
Alf's Angels        Alf       15,481,689

Individual Scores Top 10

1  9,577,290   Satman       Dogs of War
2  9,174,166   Diablo       Darigaaz Dragons
3  8,811,961   Tempest      Blue Rabbit's Band
4  8,202,605   Smalls       Blue Rabbit's Band
5  7,929,686   Count_dooku  Darigaaz Dragons
6  7,341,828   Moonraker    Dogs of War
7  6,605,880   Thunderball  Darigaaz Dragons
8  6,482,100   Kwae Zar     Blue Rabbit's Band
9  6,307,599   Lucy         Darigaaz Dragons
10 5,300,072   Nobody       Dogs of War


The Donald (aka - The first captian to die)

Donald logged in to valiantly attempt to save his SG area which I had just started Nova Bombing and finally broke into.  I took a few of his planets and didn't bother to clean the spies off of my ship knowing that if I lose my Endevor that it wouldn't be a big deal, but if I pop Donald in the rump with a Nova it would.

So sure enough - the game of cat and mouse ensues.  I wanted to make sure he was following spy data and not my trail so I jumped to sol and then an upgrade sector.  I waited there for a refresh then moved one sector off of the Upgrade sector.  Bingo - here comes Donald. I refresh the screen, press the Nova button, and WHACK!  Not missing a beat - I jump into the Upgrade sector - switch to my Voyager (hey! Why risk the Excel!) and attack him.  A long screen of information comes up, I scroll to the bottom and I won!

I immediately jumped to Sol and then to make sure I didn't take damage I went to Sector 4 (SpaceDock).  Well guess who is sitting there in a Pio.  Yeeup! The Donald.  3, 2, 1, SOL BUMP!  I head back to sector 4 find where he was bumped to and pressed the Attack button.  The words "Your Fired!" flashed across The Donald's screen and I immediately get a message from Satman asking me to confirm what The Donald thought happened which was Perma Death.

Not to be left out of the fun Thuderball tracked me from Sector 4 and WHACKED me while in my Razor.  I guess I should ALWAYS warp to SOL to read messages!  

Darigaaz - The other captian to feel my wrath!

I was doing some high risk spulunking in an enemy sector. They had back doors galore and lots of deep deep holes.  So I was working it over with my Endevor and my 2nd Razor (thanks Thunderball! - see above).  I got several trillion out of the hole before I see Fruit Pie Jones minding his own business in his stealth.  Of course I had to whack him.  

About 30 minutes later I see a little stealth running around again.  I give chase in my Endevor and run RIGHT in Darigaaz and his mean mean machine.  We play cat and mouse for a long time when finally he just happened across a link behind me when I was actively scanning.  

I got a nova off on his ship, then moved in, switched to my Voyager, and attacked.  I scrolled to the bottom of the screen and sure enough. I got him.  Darigaaz dropped 66% in score and made this game CLOSE again.

Fruit Pie Jones - Never piss off a Pie

FPJ reequipts and comes at me in an Excel.  Just when I was deciding whether or not to pull the Nova trigger, I refresh the screen one more time.  Damn IE went to a spinning world.

I refresh again - nothing.  I close the browser and reopen. DOH! Sol.  That damn Cherry Pie got me.   Oh, well I think.  I got through the door to a new area just before he did that.

So I bring out Razor #2 (thanks again Thunderball), and go diving back into the lair.  About 6 or 7 planet takes overs later - the world starts spinning in the upper right corner of my browser again.

Of course the REAL heart attack was dying and coming back to Sol with 1 second on the clock.  I was kicked out to no where with NO pod.   After 15 minutes of warp link searching, I found an upgrade port and crawled to saftey.

Rebuying my Razor and my Endevor left me with nearly NO turns.  Turns that my team needed badly.  So in his own way while FPJ didn't kill my score he certainly crippled not only my own chances at success but those of my team.

Well done FPJ.

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