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July 2004



 Jul 20, 2004 - 11:47 pm

Title: The funniest thing you will see this week

Dark Elves

Things are getting really quiet this week.  I accidently came across an Oatmeal cluster.  Oatmeal did everything right; he dug down 5 layers deep in SG links, he maxed out his SG links, he doubled down with two layers of defending planets, he raised his sensors, shields, fighter bays, etc... However with 30 minutes of work I brought it all down.

I find it disconcerting how little effort someone can put into launching 7 nova's and then cleaning up 50 planets.   Perhaps this game needs the +5 base bonus back or some kind of bonus to the planetary shield levels to deflect Nova damage.  Seriously - I put 100B into offense and I end up with 10T out of the deal.  Just doesn't seem right.  AAT is hugely slanted toward the offensive past 30th level.

Kitty Matrix

Space Trash has really upped the offensive strikes. Bovine continues to coordinate scanning efforts and strikes.  Count_Dooku, Lucy, and Rennigade are also finding and beating down relocation sectors that the enemy keeps poping up in.  Evil Traders has lost a few players and they will continue to be hounded until the reset 2 weeks hence.

I guess the lesson is that once you get the upper hand you should show no mercy until the deed is done.

The funniest thing you will see this week

Seriously worth the streaming download!

It will crack you up as the presidental candidates go head-to-head in a "This Land is your Land" brag fest!

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