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July 2004



 Jul 27, 2004 - 11:20 pm

Title: Time for a break!

Ok - time for a break from AAT until the next tournament.

Dark Elves

Dark Elves wraps up with a fun run and lots of action towards the end.  Several ship to ship battles occured at the end between Spoiler (Queen Amidala) and Oatmeal (Phaser) and I.  However, it is kind of pointless to continue in a game where the players that mater are all running around at 35+ in tech level.  

But the big thing that kills it for me is that SG clusters can't be defended no mater WHAT level the planets are at because 7 to 10 Nova's = a succesful entree. And what took someone 2 months to create and fortify comes crumbling down in 30 minutes.  Hardly equitable.  

Personally I believe that Sector launched Nova's should NOT damage the planets at all if the planetary shields are above X level (level 35 for example).  Now before you start screaming about it - just think...  It still takes out the sector D...   10 rounds of Nova's can theoretically take down 5 TRILLION fighters.  It is just too powerful of a weapon to be allowed to do TRILLIONS of dollars of damage to planets too.

The end game is much too much slanted towards offense.  I do hope PJ's alien ideas remedy this issue.

Kitty Matrix

After some early set back team Space Trash stormed to the top of this server.  Nambia tried to make a late go of it but just couldn't stand up to a team that had too much time on its hands.

And as Bovine stated in his Blog - TIME = Success.

Very true.   It isn't about turns usually.  Usually after the first 3 days of game play I can't even use all the turns alloted.

But just merely having the ability to constantly be online, just watch players like Big and how much online time he will spend early in the tourney, allows for a player to monitor enemy attacks, keep a general eye out for points of intrest and increase the possibility of being involved in some sort of activity.

I think it would be interesting to log people off after so many hours a day logged into the game. Let people accumulate minutes of gameplay instead of turns.  =)

Upcoming Tourney

Two projects I have been working on will GREATLY benefit the team that I am allowed to be on.

AAT Autopage - No more waking up to find that you planets have been raided. I have designed an interface that monitors your game and watches for attacks ALL WITHOUT BEING LOGGED INTO THE SERVER.  I have been able to get the system to sucessfully send a text mail to Sprint and Verizon phones that basically reads "You just lost a planet at $timestamp".  I also got it to work with a few alphanumeric pagers (Mobilecomm and Skypage).  So - leave that phone on and no more surprises!

The issues I am having is getting the script to tell the difference between losing a planet to an indie instead of another player.  It kinda sucks waking up at 3am for an indie.

AAT Universe Autologger - Ever wonder where you just were 15 turns ago?  Ever wonder what the prices were at those last few sectors you just checked?  Always scratching your head trying to remember where that last blue port was or wish you had been keeping track of indie planets?   Well!  How about a program that does that for you?  In its very early stages, AAT Universe Autologger can keep track of spy information, digi's, planets, indies, ports, upgrades, enemy sectors and more...  And you can even make a handy dandy report print out that you can study offline.

Currently AAT Universe Autologger is Vaporware in effort to finish AAT Autopager.

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