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July 2004



 Jul 11, 2004 - 6:50 pm

Title: Thumped

Dark Elves

Bad timing is the theme for today.

After Tempests announcment that he was going to go on a rampage, I made sure that I was present on the server to see it and attempt to stop it if need be!

Tempest warmed up a bit on some single planets in Real Space then he moved into some lair work.  Of course one of the lairs that he started beating into was Diablo's (my teammate).  I stripped 28 trillion credits off of all my planets, upgraded the Excel and flew in to defend my teammates lair.

I found Tempest on no less than 6 or 7 occassions and attempted to attack him but each time his mammoth Excel "evaded" (*hahahahaha whatever!!*) my attacks.  So I used some time to get ahead of him in the Diablo's lair and start taking money off of the planets.

Forum discussion about that here:

Tempest, being a little more seasoned than me, backed off.  I thought I had fought him off so I went to the front of the SG cluster to refill my torps and fighters when I got a message:

"Temptest is Nova Bombing this sector"

OMG!  Noooooooo.......   I dropped from level 36 everything to level 32.  I lost nearly 2M in score. And not to mention I did all this trying to save about 7T from Diablo's SG.


The good news came later, as I had to leave because I was painting the baby's room, when Tempest said that he had given up on attacking my lair because the defenses were too troublesome to attempt to continue to attack.

I must admit I put alot of thought into defenses, and I would LOVE to test this in the team tourney that is coming up.   If it works there then I will share it.

Kitty Matrix

Space Trash is experiencing the same thing that I did; it is tough to get a foothold on this server. The Evil Traders are so well entrenched that all they do is spend time scanning the fairly small galaxy.

Oh well - I will continue with my hit and run gameplay style.  Nothing like being a little gnat that no one can seem to swat.  *smile*

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