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July 2004



 Jul 13, 2004 - 12:11 pm

Title: Attacking is very different from building

Dark Elves

Not too much activity on the Dark Elves server right now.   The top players are sitting back and either smiling or licking their wounds depending on where Tempest's wrath fell.

The only thing of note is that Big was whacking on one of my SG doors when I logged in to do some planet tending.  Fortunately for me I built that specific SG deep into a tunnel which makes for great way to sneak in behind attackers and give them a little scare.  After several minutes of a cat and mouse game, I finally got to smack Big.   It wasn't a great victory as I was running around in a 34 Excel and him in just a little tiny Endeavor.  Not to mention that his internet browser allegedly crashed during the chase.  I do believe him because the way that I caught him was tracking him down through the course of three consecutive EWD's.   And anyone who was actively in control of their ship would have headed to Sol to clear their warp trail.

Kitty Matrix

I think I am about the worlds WORST attacker.  

Universal (Bovine), Max and I logged on together and collected up all the intel we had about the Evil Traders.  Bovine made up a target priority list, dedicated our grouping point, and we started to bomb away on our first target.

Lo and Behold - When we finally break through the SD, Midnight Rider is sitting in a stealth in the front of his SG (why do people do that!).  Universal attacks and defeats Midnight Rider and it turns out that Midnight Rider was floating around without and escape pod!  Ruh Ro!   All of his planets turn instant indie and the race was on to run around the Universe cleaning up Midnight Rider indies.

During this time period, I unluckily discovered that Kor had us in his sights through my ingenious use of my ship as a Nova Bomb detonation detector.  This was soon to be the theme of my day.  Max peeled off and took up a position as a cover ship where he would located where they were bombing from and then counter attack, while I would concentrate on fortifying the forward door of the newly taken over SG's and Universal would beat on the secondary doors.  After I was done fortifying I would also begin to work on the secondary doors.

This proved to be an expensive undertaking.  Between Corn and Kor I was hit by Nova Bombs 4 times.  So - 2 IGB loans, 1 loan from Universal, and an EXCEL later (I cloaked instead of attacked and run - DOH!) I had spent over 9T and was left quite broke.  My score dropped 1.5M points even though I had captured a decent amount of planets.  I should rename my ship to "Nova Magnet".

Did I mention that I am starting to seriously dislike not being able to blow up planets with a Genesis Torpedo?  All people do is take over the same planets again and again.

The finally tally of planets taken was:

Kwae Zar: 35
Universal: 31
Max: 7   (he was covering our attacks!)

What I learned is what Universal mentioned to me in chat after all the destruction abated - "Attacking is very different from building".

Yeah.  Yeah it is.  *nods in newly discovered agreement*

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