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 Jul 30, 2006 - 10:27 pm

Title: More Mythos - AAT Spy's Overhaul

Mythos Age 4 Starting

Come give this game a shot guys.  It only takes a few minutes a day of your time and you can certainly work it in after your AAT turns are done for the day.  =)

I came in 70th out of 1750 players and it was my first full round of playing. I came in 9th place for my goddess (Athena) and 15th place for all Priest classes.

I still believe that AAT players can pick this thing up pretty fast. We are very used to the concepts of Defense vs Offense, building infrastructure, spying and alliances.  Don't be intimidated that the game centers around Greey Mythology instead of Space.  The guide for this game is well written and lends itself to an instant understanding of the premise of the game.

Last age, I got Max and Alf into the game.  Both did pretty dern well for thier first time out.  I know that Alf is hooked and will be playing again.

This age I will be trying a new patron...

APHRODITE - +40% maximum population, -20% offensive power, -15% defensive power, +20% population growth rate. +5% maximum population per 1,000 god power.

God Troop: Sirens - Cost: 1,200 dra., 150 ore
1.5 defence, 5 offence, sirens convince some enemy toxotes and hippikons to join your army if you successfully attack

AAT Spy Overhaul

I have also been doing some thinking. The art of spying in AAT has taken a serious drop off as of late.  I have been mulling over several ideas but the biggest change is this:

No Bounty Range

There is NO bounty range for placing spies on a planet; but spies will ONLY attempt to report data and commit espionage on planets that are in the bounty range.

This allows people to get spies onto lower level planets which will then HOP off onto the lower level players ship who then unknowingly becomes your agent for spreading your network of deciet and destruction.

I want to say again - WHILE your spy is on ship or a planet that is under bounty range he will NOT be able to report any data other than where he is (planet name only).  This will allow for you, the larger player, to know your spies are still alive but NOT where until they get to a planet or ship that is in your bounty range.

Sleeper Cells
Furthermore, this allows for you to plant - Sleeper Cells.   That fast rising star of the galaxy might not be in your bounty range yet... but plant a few spies on his planets and when he finally does grow into your range, the Sleeper Cells come online and start to report the data!

I have a few more ideas about spies but they are not fleshed out yet...

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