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 Apr 29, 2008 - 5:20 pm

Title: PvE-Fed Space Training ground

PvE -Fed Space Training Ground

I said it in the blog and I will say it here:

While the game has traditionally been about "total domination" that fact in itself is flawed. Often the top players know of loophole (to be kind) that allowed them to get a leg up. The History of AAT changes have shown this to be a fact. I have certainly voiced my opinion about this before as those who have the most to lose (in a dominance sense) always lobby the hardest for things to not change.

Frankly, it has killed the game.

It's time for a radical shift in AAT. It's time for PvE and PvP distinctions to be drawn.

Also, there needs to be "fair play" rules put in place.
As PJ said in another thread, when will a 5B player every be able to defend against a 35B player?  Never. So why does AAT still allow this kind of brutal behavior to occur?

PvE (Player vs Environment) --

It was mentioned in Tanrus' blog that we should use Fed Space as a PvE learning area.

I agree! Using fed space as a "full scale" training ground would be a wonderful idea.

You can build in no more than 1 sector of fed space.  Perhaps 1 level of SG's so that people can see how they work. Certain fed space sectors will remain off-limits to planet building (those near Sol) so that new players won't get shut out.

You can deploy mines, sd and all the rest but while in Fed Space but instead of killing the opponent the mines and sd will "escort" the other player out (if they get caught!).

Spies still work in Fed Space homesteads, however, no spies will ever jump to a ship. This allows players to see how they can be deployed and how they work. The spy however will NEVER convert a Fed Spaced homestead PvE player planet to their own.

Finally, ship to ship combat IS ALLOWED. However, the consequences are nothing more than a note: "Player X simulated an attack on you and won! You would have been destroyed!"  The same message could occur when a player hits SD that "escorts" them out.

I think the above would cover letting players learn the ropes while in a non-threatening environment.

There should be a few drawbacks to FedSpace Homesteads... perhaps the Feds collect a 25% tax on all earnings (trades, planet income, etc...) in order to pay for the saftey that a FedSpace Homesteader enjoys.

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