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 May 23, 2007 - 11:37 am

Title: Planetary Commerce Level

The following is a proposed idea which has been presented in the AAT 1.00 Forum.

Planetary "Commerce" level

I propose a Planetary "Commerce" level. Or perhaps call it a Planetary Banking level.


Planetary Commerce/Banking level. The game has broken out SG defense levels out of the generalized planetary levels and the it's time to put the max credit level into the hands of the players as well.

You want a level 300 planet with level 250 commerce? You got it.
You want a level 100 planet with a level 350 commerce? *snicker* GO FOR IT!


Because for awhile now it is clear that players prefer smaller sized planets (220-250 level) in order to manufacture credits at a good rate while not having too many credits on any given planets. However, it has become clear that in order to compete at a high level you really need hundreds of these types of planets in order to maintain a top end empire. But, 100's of planets per person starts to affect the performance of the game. Not to mention the self-inflicted nightmare of the newer "touch your planets daily" feature <*shudder*>.

If smaller planets are not the answer then why not larger planets? Larger planets contain a HUGE amount of credits and are just too risky. And as the max credit amounts scale too quickly as the planetary levels go up you kill your credit earning productivitiy as it requires a person to keep credit levels at 90% or better to get maximum efficiency. Players just can not risk having 100's of trillions on one planet.

Think about it -

Why in the days of yore did people put 1 trillion sector defense down? Because the planets couldn't defend themselves.
Why couldn't the planets defend themselves? Because you had to keep the defense levels low in order to maximize credit production.
Where was the credit production sweet spot? Levels 210-250 (or 21-25 for old schoolers)
How many credits did a level 210-250 hold? Oh about 250 million to 1 trillion...
How many credits does it take to upgrade one ship level? Several trillion to dozens of trillions
How many planets does it take running at 90% credits (maximized credit production) to upgrade a ship component at higher levels? 100-200...

And that is how we got to where we are today... Players needing 100's of planets to enchance thier empire.

What will this really do?

This will be a significant change in the way that the game in played.

Self scaling of the max credit level makes this game customizable to the individual preference...
Hopefully, this will allow for fewer better credit stocked, better defended, planets.

No more busting into an SG, just to find a bunch of level 23 planets with a measly pittance of cash per planet.
No more having to choose undefending a planet just so that it will produce credits at a good rate.
No more massive amounts of SD needed as the planetary defenses can actually be at a legitimate level.
No more need for 100's if not 1000's of planets per player.

A "Planetary Commerce" level is the answer.

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