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November 2005



 Nov 3, 2005 - 9:43 am

Title: Initial AAT .30 thoughts

Sector Nova Changes
Finally! Yes! And let's add a "Woohoo" in there too. As reported by Tarnus here:,  Sector Nova's no longer longer damage planets!  So no more "7 Novas 4 teh Winz" strategy as I discussed many moons ago here.  

Variable Production
Variable planetary production is certainly a fun subgame in its own.  The other day I got a planet that could produce 130% Energy which is great for maintaining SD. And in the same sector I got another planet that could do 115% Organics!  WOOT!  That means I can assign 11% to Organic production and have that planet making credits at 89% rate.

This feature needs to go 2 steps further though and allow for Variable Production of Fighters, Torps, Research, Build, and maybe even Credits! Or better yet, have increases to those items be researchable.

Sector Fighters react to planetary attacks
In another case of "I mentioned this over a year ago", SD finally won't just sit around and watch the planets they are guarding just get blown away. Per Tarnus these fighters will now attack the aggressor.  So! No more cloaking into a sector and picking off the planets!

No autotrade
Oddly enough. The game is fun even without autotrade.  Those that are willing to manually trade and manually move colonists to planets are rewarded for thier efforts. Not having autotrade certainly lends itself well to those who are slow builders.  I think I will be sad to see this "missing feature" go.

The rough edges are noticable now. However, this sneak peek version of AAT .30 shows promise.  While all the bells and whistle items are not ready yet, I find myself  looking forward to SG management with the new planetary autotrade system,  trading in the enhanced commodities, and growing my own research items.

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