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May 2005



 May 16, 2005 - 5:29 pm

Title: Tourney...

Um yeah.  The tourney is a complete runaway right now.  It all went south for us right after the truce was broken 26 hours into a 1 week truce.

In the future... if you have no intention of honoring a truce,  tell your captian so in advance.  People who break truces put others with honor in a difficult position.

But, with that aside, I think I personally have lost the most planets in the game than anyone.  Doesn't matter where I put my lair (trust me - I tried some strange stuff) they all get sniffed out in about 1-6 hours.  Of course that brings us to our next point...

Attackers just wait for people to log off so that they can take over a SG with little or no risk.  If this is the common place tactic then SG defensive ability needs to be increased.  Right now in AAT .2x  you can have level 40 planets, and 1 billion SD which costs you 1000's of TRILLIONS of credits to make.  But a lone attacker can make it ALL come crumbling down with just 7 Nova Bombs at the cost of 70B credits.  Hardly equitable.

From what I have seen AAT .3x will take steps to alleviate the attacker vs. defender desparity.  So until then...

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