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April 2005



 Apr 22, 2005 - 12:34 am

Title: Outpost 10f - Softball

I keep hitting self inflicted road blocks which are slowing down my planet rearing.

First - I am not used to a server that only allows 2 SG links.  It really makes lair production tedious and EXPENSIVE.

Second - There was this chunk of debris sitting in my home sector for DAYS.  So finally I broke down and clicked on it.  *BOOM*!  Nothing like a self-pod to make a builder/tender grumble.

Third - The server seems to hit periods where it doesn't respond well.  It really ticks me off having to wait 10-15 seconds for a screen return.  Sometimes it gets so bad that you can't do anything... So I end up floating out in space hoping that no one else can get on and whack me before I can move to saftey.

Lastly - Langel gave her PW to the team. Brave and trusting is the person who lets others run around with her ship.  Personally, I was tempted to sign in and do some planet population with her high level hulled ship, but I didn't because of the Third reason I stated above.  I would feel REALLY bad if I dropped connection and left her ship floating in the middle of no where!


In other news - Softball started again!  Got a sac fly, triple and a single that scored two runs!  But we lost in the end.  Oh well! Plenty more games to come.

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