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 Jan 14, 2005 - 10:29 am

Title: Labeling your Planets

What is the big ol' timer on the main aat page?  I sure hope it is the release time for the next version!  =)

In other news - my refamiliarization (big word!) with AAT is going well.  I am on a nice slow server with lots of time to build a little hole with a b-gillion sectors and planets... Now if I could only remember all the little tricks I used in dog fighting.

Lastly - Moonraker put up a nice blog about how he goes about naming his planets inside a cluster.  It certainly is a better than no system at all so I encourage people to look at it.  However, I use a system that I find mildly superior to his write up.  When I make new sector area behind spurs I label them with a different sector identifier like Moonraker but I also note a connecting sector indetifier. For example...

Real Space Sector
Planet 1 = KZ-A-1
Planet 2 = KZ-A-2

When you are playing on a team people will know that KZ = Kwae Zar's planets.... A = Base Identifier and after the dash is the planet in that sector in this case planet 1 and planet 2.

Now lets say I drill down a bit...  I then like to use the last three digits of the sector identifier in my planet names.

SG planet 1 = KZ-A-073-1
SG planet 2 = KZ-A-073-2

Planets behind 073 look like:

SG planet 1 = KZ-A-073/084-1
SG planet 2 = KZ-A-073/084-2

KZ = Kwae Zar
A = Base Identifier
073 = the spur or parent sector
084 = where the planets are located
1 = 1st planet in that sector

This keeps things nice and neat in your planetary reports too. So if I build a planet behind 084 it would look like this:


So I now can look in my planetary report and see that my indie planet is in 111 which is attached to 084 I then look up the list to find what 084 is attached to and see 073.  I then know exactly what path to navigate down to bring my indie planet back under the caring fold of the KZ empire.

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