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July 2004



 Jul 1, 2004 - 3:06 pm

Title: Plodding along....

Dark Elves

It looks like Tempest and I stretched our legs last night.  Between us - I think we thumped 30 some planets.

I will say this about my experience from last nights raiding...


All I did last night was find one location, beat it up, do a full scan, find another set of planets that were linked, and repeat.

I found no less than 5 enemy sectors because they were linked to each other.

Kitty Matrix

Grow little planets, grow!   I started a day late on this server but with careful tending I have risen to 3rd place.

Tempests Blog and Editorial

Tempest has posted another great installment of an AAT guide.  Take a look at the July 1st 2004 update here:

Personally, I agree with 95% of the stuff he has said.  The other 5% is just play style differences.  

1) I believe in trading a bit more early - so that I can "seed" my planets with enough cash so that they are at the 50% level.   This gets things going a little faster.  So, basically, I start up a planet, to get the colonists reproducing, go trade for a few hundred more turns, and come back and seed my planets with some cash.

As people may or may not know you gain a 5% credit production increase for every 10% of max credits you have on a planet after the initial first 10%.   So if you have 70% of Max Credits on a planet you get a 30% boost to credit production.\

-- begin edited note --
DarkSoul was kind enough to point out that there are normally 6 "steps" to credit production based on "max credits" on the planet.  The current tournament is using 15 different steps.

The information I gave above is based off of Tarnus blog entree dated Dec 27, 2003.  

Either way DarkSoul and I both agree that we wished this information was disclosed in the "settings" page!
-- end edited note --

2) I like to use dignitaries on my early planets.  The population boosters and credit increasers really get the monetary juices flowing.  And since I am logging in every 30-40 minutes to increase planetary tech levels I can watch for embezzlers.  I watch for embezzlers by simply noting what my credit levels were at before I logged out.  If I can't get a spy to catch the specific embezzler for me, I just fire ALL the dignitaries for that planet.   Even if I have to fire all those little digi's every tenth turn I am still ahead of where I would be without them.  

Of course using Digi's on bank planets later in the game is nearly suicidal.  And I don't recommend it at all!

3) Whereas I do agree with Tempest about 2 or 3 layers of D, I also like to make "surprise" pockets of resistance deeper in my SG.  This is a gameplay style where, I might gain a little more time when someone hits a 4th wall of defenders in a random SG sector but at the same time, I just took another SG sector away from myself that could be earning credits at an optimum rate.

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