Kwae Zar

State: Washington
Country: United States
Sex: Male
Age: 46

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July 2004



 Jul 10, 2004 - 12:31 am

Title: The Ongoing Saga of Kwae Zar

Dark Elves

Oatmeal (Phaser) has come within 300K of my top score.  We are both in the 10M range in score now with other top players only about 5-15% behind.

Tempest announced in the shoutbox that fireworks are going to fly this weekend as he is cashing in and going on the offensive.  For some reason - I believe him.  

So! Primary doors are going to go up to 2B SD and 2nd/3rd/4th doors will go up to 1B each.

I hope he is a patient man.

Kitty Matrix

I just couldn't go against the Evil Trader sectors alone.  It was taking 100B in Nova's just to wittle down a few low value targets.

So - after amassing 4 pages of spy info, I took up an offer to join Space Trash!  This team seems to be the only tangible resistance to the Evil Traders.  

I am happy to say that merging with them was a "win-win" situation as Space Trash was happy to have my data and I was happy to have some offensive and defensive support.

Nambia has really bloomed his score in the past few days.  He is over 8M while the next closest person is at 4.9M.

I hope that the Space Trash's late push toward the top is still possible!  

Rah! Rah! Goooooo Space Trash!

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