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July 2004



 Jul 8, 2004 - 11:06 am

Title: Dern those Evil Traders!

Dark Elves

I had turns to burn and decided to make a 4th set of doors in my "main" SG cluster.  As I push deeper and deeper into my lair I throw up security doors in Upgrade sectors and then make complete new areas off of that.

It creates for a very robust defensive situation but it is getting to the point where the twists and turns are gonna force me to MAP out my own lair.

Instead I went through EVERY SG and maxed out its link capacity starting from top to bottom.  This did two things - first it gave me a uniform numbering system and second people won't be able to make Real Space links back out of the lair when attacking it.   This is going to force people to run all the way back out of my lair and all the way back into again to do Nova or A&R runs.  Every minute they spend in my lair equals a higher chance of me logging in and catching them.

Oatmeal (Phaser) continues to grow by leaps and bounds.  I don't think that he is out producing my planets. But rather he gains on my lead because I waste credit production staying at 100% for several hours before I log in again.

Tempest and Diablo both went Debris Hunting and got burned big time.  I think Tempest had a 38 ECM level with a fighter level of 31 by the time he was done!

Kitty Matrix

In a funny twist of fate - my standard way of operating saved my butt.

I have slowly been gathering intel about the Evil Empire and I have actually amassed quite a bit of sector information.  My intel boom came when I had a few planets taken over by them and two of their players picked up spies.  Niether of them did a clean before they ran around to all their sectors.  I ended up with several pages of spy info out of it.  

So - of course - I had to go out and make some one way links in various sectors to see what kind of SD was out there.   In several sectors I made two way links back to sol, an SD port, and a device port and the other 7 links were Evil Trader sectors.  

So last night I was visiting all these sectors to see what was new, and if any SD amounts degraded, etc...   When I jumped into one of the sectors and it had like a billion mines from 3 different players in it with a Space Beacon that said "Boo!".  Of course if I hadn't been in my stealth which has a lower average tech level that would trigger the mines it would have been all over.

Alot of work must have went into putting that failed trap up as it wasn't in an upgrade port!  

Just goes to show that you don't even have to attack to be a thorn in someones side.

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