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June 2004



 Jun 24, 2004 - 12:50 pm

Title: Little Chat

General News

Had a little chat with Phaser the other day.

It seems we both had the same ideas about how to best utilize the up and coming autotrade changes to manage colonist population.

I bounced a few of my current colonist management ideas that are part of my "in-work" Macro Banker scheme off of him and Phaser said he would like to try it out himself.

I guess the idea is sound.       Now to see how it performs on the battlefield.

Dark Elves News:

Even after a really bad start (needing to move my lair because I had spies on my ship from debris hunting), I am really seeing some leaps and bounds in my credit production.

I have to thank Tempest for answering some very specific questions that I had (even after reading his great Blog!) which really helped me get the game do the work for me.  In the past I just couldn't keep my hands off of the keyboard and would trade trade trade and boost my planet levels too high early on and lose alot of the credit production that you get by having 80% or 90% of the planets max.

Finally - the best shoutbox quote:

Scene: Tempest found and destroyed a bunch of Big's planets at a time where most players were still scraping together a few billion credits?

Big: Where did you get the credits for the Voy?
Tempest:  It's only 100B.

Pfft!  Only 100B!   Well - ok - maybe it is only funny to me.  8)

Note to Langel
When talking about oneself, one should use an upper case "I" and not a lower case "i".

Sorry! Couldn't help myself.  *grin*

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