Kwae Zar

State: Washington
Country: United States
Sex: Male
Age: 46

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June 2004



 Jun 30, 2004 - 1:49 pm

Title: Non-Gender Specific

Icon Change

Ok ok - I bowed to the pressure and odd looks I got for having a female avatar for a female character being played by a guy.

So!  Kwae Zar has turned into a non-gender specified spatial anomaly.  Just like Quasars are in real life.   It took a bit of hunting but I finally found a great shot from the HST Radio Telescope array of a well developed quasar.

The highest quality pic was 77MB!!  Man I should find a link.  The detail was just incredible.  Of course they saved the thing in some sort of non-compression format which once it was a jpg went down to under 10MB.  Then I had to crop it into a format that AAT would take and got it down to under 10kb.  From 77MB to 10KB!

Dark Elves

Activity picked up on DE.  I over took Tempest's #1 spot merely because he was spending time to create a new lair.  Of course once it matures I am going to be quickly outpaced once again.

Tempest answered my protocol question about whether or not attacking a ex-teammates grotto is fair play. Basically - he asked for a few days to move stuff around and then he said I had a green light to "Try and get in".     Sounds like fun!

Kitty Matrix

Some serious building going on.  I finally had to spend some money on upgrades to my little Columbus which got me booted from my nice safe Sol hidey-hole.   But my planets can support plenty of SD now so the timing was right.

There still is something goofy with base creation on that server.  I gen torped a new planet.  And dropped 10,000 units of materials on it, then attempted to place 10M credits on the planet to build a base.  The server wants 100K units and 100M credits to build a base but the big issue is that you are NOT allowed to place anymore credits on the planet via transfer.  When you press the button it says "Credits Transferred" but the transfer never actually takes place.

None the less.  I shall press on.   And Man!  That Kor guy can be brutal in the shoutbox.  I feel that I have verbally already lost a Voyager to him and his Klingon taunting and boasting.