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June 2004



 Jun 29, 2004 - 11:12 am

Title: Protocol

Dark Elves

Game News
Had a bit of excitement today. Not2go decided to attempt to fry a few of Diablo's planets.  Diablo sent out a APB and I came flying into the sector to find out that Diablo had Nova'ed Not2go just a few seconds earlier.  I took over the remaining Not2go planet, (badly damaged!), and then starting deploying SD's.  

I was actually so frantically replacing SD's that when Diablo came in to join me and help me replace SD's I totally freaked out and flinched and attacked him.  He evaded - and then I attacked him again.  Luckily - he evaded.  And then I gave myself a mental slap and actually READ the name under the ship.  I immediately sent out a "SORRRY about that!" note.

The whole time I am replacing SD, I had two little voices in my mind saying to me - GET OUT OF THIS SECTOR - no wait just a few more sd runs - GET OUT OF THIS SECTOR YOU IDIOT!- almost done! just a few more runs - LEAVE LEAVE LEAVE! HE WILL COME BACK! - one more sd run...

*You Have a Message*

Oh! &@*!    Not2go has just Nova Bombed this sector.

DOH! Why didn't I leave.

On the good side - I was barely scratched by the Not2Go nova. However, Not2go lost about 33% of his score with the blow that Diablo landed.   Those are the breaks...

Other Going On's
Tempest bowed out.  He left the team.  But kept his character on so as to credit collect.  I don't blame him. Sounds like he has had a rough few days.

The team turned over to my control.  I pretty much decided that during the next login I will pass the reigns over to Diablo since he has more experience than me.  He certainly seems like a competent player.

This raises an interesting protocol question.  I know where two of Tempests lairs are at due to the fact that I was on his team.  At what point are his planets "fair game" - if ever?  Do I allow him a few days to move his grotto?  

For now I believe I will leave him alone.  For two reasons really.

1 - I gained the information in GOOD FAITH while being on his team.  If he would have left the team for dubious reasons (traitor, team killer, etc...) this reason for not attacking would be moot.  

2 - He helped me hone my planet building skills.  I certainly have never seen such an efficient way to start a game.  The stratgey works well into the second week of a fast game, I only wish I could have seen what he does after he gets bored building!  

But if someone else nails his planets first - I will be right there cleaning up.  

Kitty Matrix

Fired up a game in Kitty Matrix.  I started a day late but quickly caught up.  Kitty has some interesting settings. One that you will see right away is a +12 BASE bonus.

Yikes.  Gonna be some tough planets out there.

Some wierdness with planet creation - I was unable to put the credits on the planet after creation.  Instead I was forced to jack up the credit production rate to get enough money to create a base.   So watch out for that!

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