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July 2004



 Jul 6, 2004 - 12:19 pm

Title: News and Updates

Dark Elves

Oatmeal (Phaser) decided to sit down and make about 130 credit producing planets.  He is QUICKLY catching up in score and if I don't either out-produce him or find his lair, I can kiss my number 1 spot bye-bye.  Tempest continues to cruise along farming credits, and hunting for debris.  Its funny to watch him jump from 1 million points down to just 100k behind me after spending just a few hundred turns online.  

They should have a new strategy name - Along with Builder, Banker and Trader we should have a Scavenger strategy.

Kitty Matrix

Its tough as nails to get a foot hold on this server. 20% of the active players are all on one team. This allows for these guys to actively scan the entire universe everyday with each member using only 2000 turns.

With that in mind.  I got nailed by a 4 person collobrative effort.  I lost 1/2 my planets but only a 1/3 of my wealth.

In a very "Big" like move - I sold EVERYTHING and gathered ALL my credits and went hunting.  20 planets and 1 kill later, I logged out.

I don't think I like servers where you can't destroy the planets with a Genesis Torp.  So instead I set the little workers to 100% ore and they can just starve to death while they work.   Muuhahahhahaaa!!!!