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June 2004



 Jun 3, 2004 - 11:49 pm

Title: Mercy is a bad thing - mmmkay

Finally found a major sector of the guy who has been tailing my top spot.  I set up my sniper post to target his sector and low and behold *BONUS*.  He is sitting in the sector that I am about to start Nova Bombing.

I rattle off my first two Nova Bombs without a hitch - about half of his SD is gone and both hits nail his ship. The third SD backfires, I quickly repair up, reequipt and fire off two more Nova's that hit both the SD and his ship.

At this point - I decide to pull funds from my banks, and other planets and raise my fighters, torps and shields and just bust into the sector with brute force.

I jump in using cloak and I successfully get in.   There sits his Voyager....  A scan reveals that I had done CONSIDERABLE damage.  His hull is at 17, his engines were at 12 and just about everything else was reduced below 20.

My mistake was that I got greedy for intel.  I figured he hasn't moved his voyager because he was AFK.  

So instead of taking over one of his planets to create a war zone situation that would have let me attack his ship (because the sector was set to 'no attack');, I decided that he was going to attempt to repair his planets and maybe I could get a spy onto his ship to find MORE of his stuff.

So I set out placing spies on his planet.

And WHAT do you think happened?

Yeeup!  That crafty bastard went out - repaired his ship, came back and launched a volley of fighters against me, refilled his torps and fighters and did it two more times....

I was staring at sector 1.  Doh!

Because I was in the spy screens I never saw a message about being attacked.

Well the good news is that he lost about 20% of his score repairing all the damage I did.  I however lost 30% of  my score by getting smoked.

Mercy is a bad thing.  Only ruthlessness can keep you alive.

If I was thinking straight I should have taken one of his planets over, WAXED his voyager and THEN put spies on his remaining planets.

Yeeeeup - I have only myself to blame for that error in judgement!

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