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December 2008



 Dec 28, 2008 - 10:24 am

Title: 4 AAT Classes

Just typed this up in Tarnus's blog comment.
It was a decent idea so I wanted to capture it.


Alf said, the game is not tuned for people who casually want to play the game and  manage a few planets.  

I hope one day that the game can be both things.  The Fed Homestead idea could help that along.  5 untouchable planets that will allow folks who just want to PvE in peace.

And/Or the newer idea, the Space Hub a home for mid-sized hull traders...  these people could own and supply ports and trade and basically be left alone (unless of course they get caught zipping around when they are online).

It would almost be like creating 4 distinct roles/classes in the game each with benefits and limitiations,  Homesteaders, Traders, Attackers and Builders.

Homesteaders - Only get 1 sector of up to 5 planets in Fed Space.  Hull size is limited to Fed Space rules.

Saftey: 5/5
Score Potential: 1/5

Traders -  Can own ports, can dock at the Space Hub for overnight saftey but the best trades are in open space and thus the riskest.

Saftey: 3/5
Score Potential: 2/5

Attackers - Tradional seek and destroy. Slash and burn.  Owning massive amounts of planets optional but owning a big bad ship is required.

Saftey: 1/5
Score Potential: 4/5

Builders - Build those planets. The more the better.  1 lair isn't enough.  Nah!  You need more than that if you want to be on the top page!

Saftey: 2/5
Score Potential: 5/5