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 Dec 20, 2008 - 4:33 pm

Title: PvE ideas - Space Hubs!

PvE (Player vs Environment) -- Space Hubs
With Tanrus hinting at improved trading and research coming along and I would like to make a proposal for dealing with craft size and FedSpace:  Introducing the SPACE HUB.

The following is a direct advertisement from
Space Hub - Your Home away from Home

Hello space trader! Space Hub would like to tell you about our services. We will be an area where players can dock thier mid-sized trading vessel and not need to worry about being kicked out into lawless space.  Unlike Sol using one of the various Space Hubs around the universe will NOT be free and you must meet certain hull size requirements.  Too small and the docking clamps can't engage... too big and well you won't fit into one of the Space Hub's berths.

Space Hubs will require a daily monitary credit payment. Afterall it does cost money to ensure your trading ships saftey!  You can pay in advance, authorize direct withdrawl from IGB, or even just pay day by day.  But beware... when you stop paying, the Space Hub's security forces will tow you to Sol... and well once in Sol... That's not our problem anymore is it?  

There are some fine print items that you can review in the Docking Agreement. A few items include: You can not be in ownership of more than 1 sector (Fed Homestead or otherwise) and you can not own a ship larger than the ship you are docking... (sorry! the Feds don't want us harboring fugitives or war dodgers).  But leave the rest to the lawyers!

Come to Space Hub!  We are your Home away from Home.

----------- Reposts Below so to get all PvE ideas into one place -------

Original PvE (Player vs Environment) -- REPOST

It was mentioned in Tanrus' blog that we should use Fed Space as a PvE learning area.

I agree! Using fed space as a "full scale" training ground would be a wonderful idea.

You can build in no more than 1 sector of fed space.  Perhaps 1 level of SG's so that people can see how they work. Certain fed space sectors will remain off-limits to planet building (those near Sol) so that new players won't get shut out.

You can deploy mines, sd and all the rest but while in Fed Space but instead of killing the opponent the mines and sd will "escort" the other player out (if they get caught!).

Spies still work in Fed Space homesteads, however, no spies will ever jump to a ship. This allows players to see how they can be deployed and how they work. The spy however will NEVER convert a Fed Spaced homestead PvE player planet to their own.

Finally, ship to ship combat IS ALLOWED. However, the consequences are nothing more than a note: "Player X simulated an attack on you and won! You would have been destroyed!"  The same message could occur when a player hits SD that "escorts" them out.

I think the above would cover letting players learn the ropes while in a non-threatening environment.

There should be a few drawbacks to FedSpace Homesteads... perhaps the Feds collect a 25% tax on all earnings (trades, planet income, etc...) in order to pay for the saftey that a FedSpace Homesteader enjoys.

Title: More Fed Space Training Academy
Make a Fed Space a training academy:

-- A place where new people can make a limited number of planets (say no more than 5)
-- With no more than 1 level deep of an SG (so new folks can see what an SG does)
-- No worries about being attacked while in Fed Space (UNLESS you get a bounty -- then ships and planets are fair game)
-- If the player dies in Real Space the planets will be there upon return (training purposes -- so you don't start from scratch with a mistake)
-- If the players die/suicide and don't recreate an account in 5 days the Feds take back the planets and put them up as target practice.
-- Target practice planets, make no money, make no new population, make no new resources, make no new defenses, and can not be captured. They are there for training purposes so new folks can see how the attack system works and people can see how the spy system works. Once the planet is defeated it is destroyed. No credits can be gained from target practice planets.
-- Attacks from ship to ship are possible in Fed Space but they are only SIMULATED attacks. No kill count is awarded. No damage is actually done. A note will be sent to the "defeated" ship about losing the simulated attack.

The above ideas will allow New Folks to see what the game is about and have a basic understanding of playing the game before they are forced into the big black where all the real action takes place.

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