Kwae Zar

State: Washington
Country: United States
Sex: Male
Age: 46

Today's Date Jan 27, 2020 - 10:40 pm

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June 2004



 Jun 3, 2004 - 2:44 pm

Title: Care Bears

About a month ago - I joined a server that had normal server settings when the game started.  After about 2 weeks of playing the game the admin was convinced by a player to take off the IGB cap.

Turns out the ringleader wanted to be able to save all his money without having to worry about losing it in a ship explosion or planets going Indie.  Basically - no risk.

This got my goat at the time - but I continued to play realizing that this server was catering to alot of first time players.

So a few weeks pass and I decide to show these new players that keeping all your planets at level 15 isn't a smart idea.  So I attack a few.  I was royally lambasted in both thier forums and in the shoutbox.

Well, I backed off quite a bit after this. Not wanting to hurt anyones feelings.  But low and behold one of the top players (the same one that convinced the admin to take off the IGB cap) decided to start racking up Fed Bounties.  And rather than pay the bounty he tried to find a loophole to get out of it.

His loophole ultimately failed. He ended up in some psuedo-state where his character still exists but is stuck in Sector 1 and the Feds attack him but they do 0 damage.

Of course what gets my goat is that I get screamed at for taking out a few planets but he wracks up so many bounties that he quits and starts a new character.

Ug...  I would have left long ago if I didn't feel that I had something to prove to myself.  

Well!  Nonetheless, I am trying to work on my learning curve so that I can compete on a team in an AAT tourney.